Training is done through field simulations, theory, practical exercises as well as e-training as a follow-up tool available in late 2010.

Modules bespoke and otherwise include the following specialist areas:


Catherine on the West Bank

Catherine near the West Bank Barrier in Bethlehem. 2005 UNWRA

One, two or three or four day specialist course with a combination of the following, according to specific needs.

  • Security - prevention and planning, establishment and maintenance of a safe environment
  • Context analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Networking and handling perceptions
  • Conflict management/resolution, handling potentially violent interpersonal confrontation
  • Negotiation
  • Incident and kidnapping survival and hibernation
  • Crisis management
  • Communication
  • Evacuation
  • Sexual aggression
  • Mob violence
  • Mine and unexploded ordnance awareness
Israeli Defense Force

Israeli Defense Force, Baqa gate, oPt 2005. C Plumridge

Sexual Health Education

Sexual health education for Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) South Sudan 1999. GOAL



Humanitrain - solutions for safety

  • Mission preparation
  • Site and residence security (health and safety)
  • Vehicle security, Field trip planning
  • Personal safety
  • Checkpoints
  • Safety at distribution
Northern Badahkshan

Northern Badakhshan, Afghanistan. D. Gilmore 1997

Rostaq earthquake zone

Rostaq earthquake zone, Afghanistan. 1998 C. Plumridge


First Aid


  • One day basic Field First Aid course (with adjuncts for medical teams) this is specially adapted to hostile, hazardous and difficult environments.
  • Three day standard British Health and Safety Executive approved course
  • One day British Health and Safety Executive approved refresher course
Palestininan ambulance

Palestine Red Crescent Society ambulance accessing restricted area of H2, Hebron, West Bank. Photo by C. Plumridge


Bashar, a medic trained by Merlin (Catherine) in Faizabad, Northern Afghanistan 1998. Photo by Tony Taylor

Traditional birth attendants

Catherine training Sudanese Traditional Birth Attendants in Bar el Ghazal, South Sudan. 1999. GOAL


Oral polio vaccination

Oral polio vaccination, Northern Afghanistan 1998. Photo Tony Taylor



  • Enhancing resilience among aid workers
  • Health and wellness promotion
    • Basics in tropical disease management
    • Health risks in all environments from high altitude to remote locations
    • Self-care
  • Organisational stress prevention
  • Psychological vulnerabilities and risks for humanitarian workers
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Critical incident stress management¬†(CISM)¬†Debriefing, Peer support, first forty-eight hours
Manut and Catherine, South Sudan

Manut and Catherine South Sudan. Goal

Measles vaccination, Rostaq earthquake zone

Measles vaccination, Rostaq earthquake zone 1998. Photo Tony Taylor