Talking Trauma Kit - position in vehicle Talking Trauma Kit audio box
Talking Trauma Kit - person borne

The Talking Trauma Kit was made possible with the innovation of Intelligent First Aid™ and the design skills of Talking Products.

The Talking Trauma Kit: inspired by the field, for the field

The Humanitrain Talking Trauma Kit's features:

  • Straps safely and securely onto rear of driver's seat (of any vehicle), allowing treatment while the vehicle is still moving
  • Contains a lightweight audio box that provides clear, concise instructions for a responder of any skill level at the touch of a button. The audio box can be ordered in any language
  • Unclips easily and rapidly to become a rucksack/grab bag for rapid evacuation or routine work outside the vehicle
  • Contains safety materials such as high visibility vests, gloves, face-shields, lights and high visibility strips on the exterior of the kit
  • Contents are appropriate for basic immediate care in the event of a road traffic accident or to treat conflict injuries such as gun-shot wounds and other penetrating trauma
  • Separate personal data voice device to record vital information on the casualty to be clipped onto their clothes and sent with them during medical evacuation
  • Basic instructions printed on cover in plain view of passengers for passive instruction
  • Lightweight with additional strap at front of rucksack to ensure it can be carried at speed for long distances without chaffing
  • Rubber bottom to prevent conduction and keep the kit dry

The Talking Trauma Kit comes in two versions: